Sometimes without much thought, people mistakenly equate accomplishment or skill with infallibility and thus misunderstandings occur.  In the 1970s, astronauts were seen as god like people who were infallible.  People forgot that those courageous astronauts were human being with just as many shortcomings as everyday people.   Lyricist Bernie Taupin wrote Rocket Man for Elton John during a chance encounter with a shooting star.

Martial artists are supposed to be people who live their lives at a higher level.  This higher level doesn't mean that they are infallible.  It is quite the opposite.  Most martial artist are quite fallible people.   Their greatness comes not from what they can do or what they have accomplished but in that they know they are fallible and how they deal with it.  Their fallibility makes them work harder to be better and not to rest on their laurels.  Each of us is human being and humans by nature of being human make mistakes.  It is in how we come back from those mistakes which makes us martial artists and thus great.