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Our September newsletter is now available! In this issue of The Aiki Dojo we consider what it means to make a difference in the world, to impact others -- some whom we may never even know -- for the better. David Ito offers a review of a new documentary that reveals mastery and the life of those that pursue it. Gary Myers provides us with a rich account of arguably one of the giants in the history of budo whose legacy we can still feel. One of our newly minted shodan students, Mike Hatfield, shares how his training over the years has impacted his sense of -- well, impacted his sense of impact (you'll see!). As always, we close with an article from Furuya Sensei's archives on the ideal way to receive training.

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It is with great sadness that we report that Yonemochi Sensei passed away on Sunday, 9/9. He was a good friend not only to Sensei but to us as well. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude for what he did for our dojo after Sensei passed away. Aikido has lost a tremendous human being, teacher and friend. Please keep him in your prayers.

There will be a memorial service for him at the dojo scheduled for 6:30 PM on Wednesday. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend to pay their respects.

Please be advised that the dojo will be closed on September 3rd for Labor Day.

Our August newsletter is now available! In this issue Gary Myers Sensei examines the importance of proper breathing, while Dale Okuno and Kevin Hoffer contribute articles relating to insights they've gained over the years. In addition our editor and manager, Mark Ehrlich, relates a recent experience that showed the impact and importance of proper training. Finally, as always, we close with an article from Sensei's archives. Please visit our newsletters page here: Newsletters

Please save the date:

September 3rd (Monday): Labor Day, dojo closed.
September 12th: Hideo Yonemochi Sensei Memorial Service. 6:30pm sharp. Everyone is welcome.
September 29th: Intensive. 6:30am sharp. Please arrive no later than 6am.