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Our October issue is now available!
This issue, Ito Sensei discusses the importance of integrity to our practice and overall character by relating stories of those who demonstrated great integrity from the past, including one of Sensei's mentors at Hombu Dojo. Maria Murakawa weighs in with the latest food reviews, yet interestingly enough makes a realization about the fundamentals of training while doing so. And as we always do, we have Sensei step out of the archives to share his thoughts on two different topics, one of interest to our Iaido students on a particularly notable tsuba, and one of interest to any martial artist on how easily wrong can feel right in our training until we finally see the light, if we get that lucky. You'll also see a few announcements appearing throughout about upcoming events at ACLA that we hope you'll want to share with us.
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Please be advised that there will be no Iaido class on Thursday, 10/10, and Thursday, 10/17.

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Oct 26 - Instructor's Intensive
Oct 27 - Kids Class Halloween Party
Nov 28-29th - Dojo Closed for Thanksgiving
Nov 30th - Instructor's Intensive
Dec 7 - Dojo Holiday Party
Dec 8 - ACLA Ceramics sale
Dec 21 - Osoji (year-end cleanup)
Dec 28 - Last intensive of the year, last practice day of the year
Dec 29 - No children's class
Dec 29 to Jan 3 - Dojo closed for New Years
Jan 4 - Dojo re-opens, Kagami Biraki party
Jan 25 - Dojo benefit dance