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Please be advised that there will still be kids' class on Sunday, April 28th. A continental breakfast will be available for parents during training.

Our April newsletter is now available! In this issue Ito Sensei offers some advice to those still finding their way in their training that will hopefully help everyone get more out of their practice. Myers Sensei, for his part, casts a backward glance at the history of swordsmanship to share with us the story of one of its pivotal figures -- himself caught between an abandoned past and a present that he no longer fit. In addition to student contributions we close, as always, with a visit to Sensei's archives. Please visit our Newsletters page here: Newsletters

Annual O'Sensei Memorial Seminar
Friday April 26th
6:30 PM: David Ito
8:15 PM: Welcome dinner (no host)

Saturday April 27th
6:00 AM: Ken Watanabe – Warm-up with explanation – Warm-up variations – Basic techniques
8:15 AM: Gary Myers – Introduction to Iaido
9:30 AM: David Ito – Rolling basics – Basic techniques
10:15 AM: Ken Watanabe – Introduction to Jo
11:30 AM: James Doi – Ki exercises
6:30 PM: Seminar Social

Sunday April 28th
8:00 AM: Gary Myers – Introduction to Iaido
9:00 AM: Continental breakfast
10:15 AM: Introduction to Bokken
11:30 AM: David Ito – Basic techniques
12:45 PM: O Sensei Memorial

Daily seminar schedule subject to change without notice

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April 26th through 28th: O'Sensei Annual Seminar
April 28: O'Sensei Memorial, 12:45pm. Everyone is welcome!